Twisted Warriors Group....COME JOIN THE FUN.....Liked By Many......Hated By Few.....Respected By All
Server Code Of Conduct
Dual Clan Tags are Prohibited!! You are a member of -=TWG=- whether we support the game or not. You will always wear -=TWG=- tags with pride.


First and foremost, our servers are for ALL players to enjoy!

Behavior in Ventrilo

While in Ventrilo Please…

Compliment | Laugh | Be Positive | Respect Members and Guests

Keep Complaining | Whining | Negativity to a Minimum

Do not Belittle | Threaten | Intimidate Members and Guests

Failure to follow these rules will result in a Warning | Kick | Ban

Server Code of Conduct

1. Cheating, exploiting, glitching, stats padding, or intentional team killing is grounds for immediate dismissal and ban from servers. If you enjoy finding the glitch spots on maps, do so in a private, locked server and temporarily remove your clan tags. Using these spots during a live game on any of our non-modified servers is deemed to be cheating.

2. Keep the language clean at all times on the game servers. In Ventrilo, casual swearing is permitted. Excessively crude or belligerent language will not be tolerated. Foul language directed specifically at any player with the intention to insult is unacceptable.

3. If you suspect anyone of cheating, notify an Admin online or via email. Do not confront the player in-game. Again, take screenshots or a recording, if possible. Any Member may also check or request an Admin to check Punk Buster screenshots for any player on our servers. Without proof, we do not accuse!

4. Ensure that in-game teams are fair. Please use auto-assign at the start of each map.
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